Are You Ready for Action?

Thanks to you and your support, ActionSA won over 550,000 votes in our first election!

Contesting just 6 out of 278 municipalities, we garnered 2,36% of the total vote, the 6th largest party.

Now, ActionSA has expanded to all nine provinces of our beautiful country.

ActionSA Provincial Chairs

With all nine provincial chairpersons announced, ActionSA will be criss-crossing the country, spreading our message of hope, change, and ACTION!

This is truly only the beginning. We are now firmly on the road to building communities of ActionSA supporters across the country.

With you, we will bring South Africans together, and unseat the ANC across SA in 2024.

If you stand with us, please consider making a small donation.

All roads lead to the 2024 election, where we will be contesting in ever corner of South Africa.

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